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Launched in 2015,  MyProductModel.com is a content agency that helps e-commerce entrepreneurs gain high quality photos and videos for the online stores and marketplace profiles. My Product Model offers inclusive packaging for product modeling, photography and video solutions for e-commerce fashion and beauty brands, Amazon Sellers, Etsy Shops and eBay Sellers. Our packages come with everything you need for a flat rate. Why spend thousands of dollars on photographers, studio rentals, models, makeup artist, etc. for the same old generic product shots that everyone else is using?

My Product Model and Daisi Media Corp founder, Daisi Pollard Sepulveda, sat down with Brian Meert of the Duke of Digital podcast to share basic principles of how to create content that sells.

The Duke of Digital podcast, is hosted by Brian Meert, founder of AdvertiseMint. AdvertiseMint is the leading agency for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat advertisement. Want to improve your online sales? You need better visual content. Check out the episode to learn how to start stepping up your game with some guided help.

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