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    My Product Model provides high quality, original creatives for e-commerce brands that are on-trend,

    modern, and inspiring while providing simplified packages and ordering process.

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    New Era Training for the Next Era of Models

    The Starter Model Guide is a unique online program committed to providing aspiring and novice models with the most up-to-date, useful information available about the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Launched in June 2019, SMG delivers dependable information on economics, health, travel, and business to models all over the world.

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    Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle for the Roaring '20s and Beyond

    Recommended as “one of the most unique sources for analysis on beauty and fashion”, Daisi Jo Reviews provides analysis of products and services and the business side of the beauty and fashion industry, and the impact on your wallet, skin, and life. Daisi Jo Reviews has subscribers from all over the world, in every economic and professional capacity. who want to understand how beauty and fashion are impacting our world.

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    Stock Photos & Design Assets to Help You Simplify Your Visual Content Creation. Daisi Jo Stock is a premium stock photography destination that offers an elevated experience to those seeking carefully curated, beautifully produced, editorial quality images and design assets that will help build their brands and take their businesses to the next level.

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    Real Connections. True Influence.

    Brazen Influencers thrives at the intersection of social media and influencer marketing, blending the practice and principles of each to truly connect with audiences bombarded by over 5,000 pieces of marketing content each day. We specialize in creating powerful and engaged communities (both online and offline) that build true brand equity.